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Threadless, Chicago

20 Cyclists, 25 Bicycles

Who, what, where?

Threadless is an online community of artists and friends. Our community makes and picks the products we sell next. We started by printing our artists’ designs on t-shirts, but now we are printing their work on tons of products like iPhone cases, wall art, and even dog hoodies! All the work we do supports our artist community and their designs. 

We’ve always been a group of arty misfits since Threadless was founded in 2000, so biking fits right into our culture. Since we’re located in the Midwest where the weather changes season to season, the number of bike commuters varies by the month. In the summer, up to 20 bikes will fight for space at our bike racks. During the winter when it’s the coldest and most blustery, our hardcore bike crew dwindles down to around 5. Our staff commutes on a range of bikes, from vintage clunkers to sleek fancy things some staff members built themselves.

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