The Work Cycle Blog…

Posted by Gary Lake On 21 June 2013


It was with great pleasure that we organised a day long event of exploring the close relationship between bikes and design at the Arnolfini in Bristol on the 15th of June as committee members of the West of England Design Forum. Covering everything from branding and fashion to modern cycle culture. A review by The Work Cycle's editors Remco and Gary from Pixillion.

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Confessions of a not-so-bikeaholic

Posted by Rob Ellis On 11 March 2013


Rob Ellis was a bikeaholic. Only he's found himself in a bit of a lull and is looking to get back on the wagon. Here he looks at how it can happen and what you can do to reignite the passion. 

Diary of a helmet cam cyclist…

Posted by Gary Lake On 08 February 2013


The Work Cycle Editor/Curator Gary Lake was getting a little fed up with bad driving. So he took it upon himself to fit a helmet cam and see how bad it really was. Here's how he got on. 

The Cycle Works

Posted by Steve Brewer On 15 January 2013


Interior Designer and Cyclist Steve Brewer explores the new boom in cycle to work culture and its integration into the workplace. Just why is it so important and why is it working so well? 

Bike maintenance is a conversation

Posted by Mike Pearson On 04 January 2013


Head of Production at renowned POKE London Mike Pearson is also the company bike mechanic. Mike discusses talking to your bike and the actually quite simple art of looking after it. You just have to listen… 

How many bikes are enough?

Posted by Jon Waring On 18 October 2012


Creative Director and cycling fanatic Jon Waring doesn't subscribe to 'n+1'. It's not realistic, and it's certainly not practical (have you ever tried to maintain more than a few bikes through the winter?). Here he explores the question, "exactly how many bikes are enough?"  

Thoughts on being knocked off

Posted by Charlene Lim On 19 September 2012


Initially, Illustrator Charlene was going to write about her love for cycling and how it changed her life. Then she got knocked off her bike by a distracted motorist.

Crackhead Bikes. The best kind of “ReCycling”.

Posted by Scott Crosby On 14 September 2012


What happens when your CEO finds an abandoned bike, brings it into the office, fixes it up in the communial bike shed, and starts riding it in every day? You get a 'crackhead' bike of course! Scott Crosby from Euclid Elements talks us through his and his colleague's 'crackhead' bikes that they've pieced together over the years. 

Why I wear a helmet now. Holland to England.

Posted by Remco Merbis On 06 September 2012


Dutch/British creative director of Pixillion and curator & editor of "The Work Cycle" Remco Merbis about how moving from "the safest country to ride a bicycle" to the UK changed his view on wearing helmets.

Beautiful bikes on “The Work Cycle”

Posted by Gary Lake On 04 September 2012


As you can probably imagine, we see some pretty nice bikes here on “The Work Cycle”. There's no one type of bike either, we see it all, from road, track, utility and mountain. We see some rusty old things too, but every now and again we see something a litle bit special. Here's our little hommage to the nicest bikes as seen on “The Work Cycle”.

The barriers to cycling to work

Posted by Gary Lake On 30 August 2012


Can't cycle to work, won't cycle to work? “The Work Cycle” Editor Gary Lake explores the most common reasons and excuses for not cycling to work and breaks them down. Read on for hints and tips from cycling front-line for beating the traffic, sweat and thieves. The most important thing though? Doing something is better than nothing…

What’s new on “The Work Cycle”

Posted by Gary Lake On 30 August 2012


“The Work Cycle” quite recently celebrated its first birthday. Instead of celebrating and resting on our laurels, we've been busy building and improving it in just about every way. As well as some bug fixing, under the hood improvements and adding some more sophisticated ways of viewing our work place gallery, we're also announcing “The Work Cycle” blog/magazine!