What is “The Work Cycle”?

“When I see an adult on a bicycle, I do not despair for the future of the human race”

-H.G. Wells

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2011 Lovie Award Winner

Site of the day, 29/11/2011

We are facing some major challenges in society, particularly when it comes to Transportation. Congestion already costs the world’s economies billions each year, traffic volumes are set to more than double by 2025, and the world’s Oil is running out. It’s not sustainable. And maybe, just maybe, the humble bicycle is part of the solution.

We’ve noticed a different kind of relationship developing at work, with people falling in love with riding their bikes all over again. We pondered and wondered, and decided to explore how the Cycle to Work culture is actually beginning to shape the workspaces that we journey to.

On our journey exploring other people's workplaces, we've discovered that companies with strong cycle cultures are actually happier work places as a result. People who cycle to work rave about good health, freeing up time and the development of the social culture that comes with it. Admittedly, embracing it at first can be a challenge and can require investment into the work space. But the challenge of sustainable transport isn’t going to go away, and it is going to cost businesses more money regardless in the longer run.

Excited to share what we found, we wondered, “wouldn’t it be great to set up a site that celebrates how the bicycle integrates with the workplace”? And so "The Work Cycle" was born: a web-based celebration of the people who cycle to work and their bikes. And hopefully our little way of changing the world. 

The idea of “The Work Cycle” is to share showcases of various workspaces to demonstrate how the bicycle is being successfully integrated into the daily office grind, both as a form of inspiration, as much as it is a celebration. It’s not just about clever and innovative storage solutions though: bikes propped up wherever they'll fit is just as interesting and arguably an even bigger embrace! We want to see a focus on the whole space and how bikes fit in. And nothing says we’re bicyclists and proud like a couple of Vélos propped up in the meeting room!

“The Work Cycle” is a self-initiated project by Pixillion, a UK-Dutch digital agency hailing from Bristol and The Hague.

At Pixillion we're into all types of bikes and depending on the mood, day, or weather you can expect to see Mountain Bikes, Cyclocross bikes, Road bikes, Commuters/Hybrids and at least one folding bike littered about the studios. A bike is definitely the quickest way to get around for us. And faced with never-ending queues by car, frustrating bus journeys, desperately long walks or a lovely trip on a bike, it's an obvious choice really!

Long live “The Work Cycle”!